Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Notes from the Heart Healer" Re-airs this Weekend!

I have received many messages from those of you who enjoyed the newest Hallmark Channel Movie, Notes from the Heart Healer and messages from some of you who missed the premiere.

Well, if you missed the initial airing of Notes from the Heart Healer or if you would like to see it again, than mark your calendars - the movie will re-air one more time during this upcoming weekend - on Saturday May 19th at 4 PM! Be sure to set your recorders & dvr's!

I was busy over Mother's Day weekend, spending time with my family and of course, my Momma, so I haven't viewed it, yet... but I have it recorded and I'm looking forward to watching it (hopefully) soon.

*By the way, I have seen alot of the Hallmark Channel Schedule up until mid-June and it looks like many of the weekends are going to be filled with Marathons of Sitcoms and Dramas, instead of Hallmark Movies - so, I'm giving you a "heads up" - be sure to "catch" this movie now while you have the chance. It might be a little while until it is aired again.

See the Notes from the Heart Healer Page for more details!


  1. :) Is there buzz yet about who might be showing holiday favorites for Christmas in July?

  2. Great Question! I always look out for this every year!

    However, it seems that in the last few years... noone really plays much for "Christmas in July" any more. Lifetime used to, but they haven't lately.

    I refered back to the archive of shows from July 2011 and there were only a few Christmas Movies last year - including Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone 2, and also - Christmas in July on QVC.

    Hopefully there will be more this year!

  3. Watson Family,

    Here!!! Christmas in July on QVC "July 25, 2012 @ 12:00 am - January 31, 2013".


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